KimStore and Smuggling News

Yes you have heard it right in the news that Kimstore warehouse in Tondo Manila was raided by the Philippine Government’s Bureau of Customs due to intelligence reports that this “Online Shop/Store” sells high end tech devices at competitive market prices. The following questions come into my mind when talking about KimStore:

  1. Why do the news articles say that KimStore is owned by a certain, “Francis”? When in several news reports online and tv sometime ago say, Kimstore was founded and owned by a Millenial, Kim Lato, a Marketing Major from De La Salle University? (see Kim Store Founder / Bio Article )
  2. I’ve heard and read on how Kimstore handles customer complaints in a not so good way. Does this also reflect a not so good way of internal business practices?
  3. Is this the reason why Kimstore is able to offer products at a very competitive prices (meaning big discounts due to smuggling of goods, misdeclaring real prices, and not paying adequate taxes)? 

I mean it seems to add up that there is something fishy with the way this business came to existence. Of course the question of how a young girl came to import so much means she has back up and capital.

I leave this up to you to judge. What I can just say is Kim, whoever she is, if found guilty, is not a good example of MSME success as what pldt claims her to be.

She is not a good example to millenials who want to make it big in their lives.

Tip: Bureau of customs will not suddenly lock up your warehouse if you are not doing something illegal and stupid.



Thinking Pinoy: #MarcosBurialProtest: LSU-Ozamis School Admin unwittingly makes a fool of himself?

Thinking Pinoy: #MarcosBurialProtest: LSU-Ozamis School Admin unwittingly makes a fool of himself?

From XBrowser

Wag niyo silang patahimikin

From trixie cruz angelea facebook post:

Ang kasaysayan kailangan kinikwento sa iba’t ibang perspektibo. Dahil nangyayari ito sa ibang ibang tao na may iba’t ibang pananaw. Pag mas marami tayong alam na kwento ukol sa isang panahon, mas malawak ang pagkakaintindi natin nito. 

Kaya tama lang na ikwestyon ang panahon ng martial law at ang narrative na matagal na nating pinaniniwalaan. May boses ang mga biktima. Mayroon din ang ordinaryo mamamayan. Meron din ang mga nasa poder. Ang kababaihan, ang dukha. Meron ding perspektibo ang mga henerasyong nauna. Hindi ba at bahagi din ng kasaysayan ang mga hindi lumahok sa EDSA? 

Marami pa tayong di naririnig. Wag nyo silang patahimikin.

Why Socrates, one of the greatest forerunners of Democracy hated IT

We’re used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it.


We are seeing the same scenario in the Philippines that the masses have made a Philippine President win (Rodrigo Duterte, who won a landslide election) and now are seeking to destabilize his government because of the decisions he has made to burry a former president/dictator in the heroes cemetary (Marcos buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani in surprise rites

Is our future really made by the masses? The masses or in local slang, “ang masa”, that were not trained to make well,informed decisions on who to choose wisely to be seated in government?

In mature democracies, the people are being educated in political and civic matters. That is why, in mature democracies, they deserve the leaders they get that continue to bring them into an era of prosperity and peace. But unlike the Philippines, we do not deserve what is happening to the country because Filipinos can do so much better! We just lack education in important political matters. Political and Civic Education should have been left for the state to do (the philippine government’s duty to educate its citizens politically) but they seem to have forgotten about this or simply do not understand the fundamentals of good governance and democracy.

Now going back. The current problem with the burial of ferdinand marcos in the libingan ng mga bayani is also tearing the nation apart as it provides an alternative point of view of former President Marcos. The masses are in particular being exploited and are lead to believe certain things about the late dictator marcos. So people,those who are still thinking, are now in doubt of what is actually written in history books. Our children will wonder and start asking whose version of history is a actually correct?
Then again, this is a good thing (the rallies, the criticisms and the destabilization plots etc.) as Filipinos are starting to think and are starting to create history for themselves. We are growing and starting to think about what are the good parts of our history and what is bad. What can be done about it and what cannot. Then again, it must not be left to the masses alone to decide the future of our country as we, and everybody that is a Filipino Citizn must make an informed decision in political and civi matters. Otherwise, we might as well leave the leadership of our country to anyone who does know what to do or remove any sort of qualifications to run for public office.

Take note that an enlightened and well informed decision must be made for the country to move forward. And that is why on the next post we will know what exactly makes a democracy work well and not just leave it to the heard of dogs to decide the future of a country.

I have to write

I have to write. It’s the only way I can teach and reach my sympathizers directly. I have chosen to put up this blog so I can have a safe avenue to conduct my political activities, commentaries and to allow my sentiments to reach as plenty people as I can.

I have had to escape persecution, especially from some of my family, friends and people who have learned to hate and despise my views and opinions. Since I cannot please everybody, I will focus on writing for those who are honest enough to admit that they understand what I am thinking about, and those who are willing in enough to join me create a strategy how we can achieve a common goal: a better life for all Filipinos and those who are willing to work to achieve that common goal.

I have left my hometown to pursue a self-exile and search for greener pastures. Of course, it is not my intention to totally leave my country but simply to find extra income and some form of employment to finance my daily basic needs. At the same time, so I can acquire financial resources to fund my organizing and advocacies for reform and a better Philippines.

Now I tell you. I have lost faith in those who have gone before us. That is why, I have taken it upon myself, to continue my focus on the youth or with the generation that is here now. Our fathers have never succeeded in making this country a better place. They have only added to our own problems and instead of working to make our lives more meaningful and better, they continue to inculcate in us a wrong perception and outdated philosophies which continue to sink our country.

Mine is a set of tools to help us find and resolve issues of society. There are flaws in my ideas and I want you to help me create a comprehensive way to organize our youth and further more, let us work together to make our subversive but meaningful and relevant ideas work-work-work.