Dissecting the yellow mind

This is are repost from facebook post of jovybev aquino. This is also to some friends out there who are ardent supporters of PNoy and the liberal party up until today. Lol. Gago.

Deciphering the yellow mind:
Let’s see, you have made it so obviously clear that you don’t want a strong leader like Duterte who thinks of the people’s welfare and makes the hard decisions based on what is best for the Filipino people and not just a few.
But what baffles me is that you were ok with Pnoy. A president that didn’t do much at all but played a lot of video games. He turned a blind eye on corruption and the proliferation of drugs. 
But what is truly mind boggling is that you were ok with their campaign of  “Daang Matuwid” continuity. A legacy that did not look too good no matter what angle you took:
– It was ok with you that he refused to apologize for the Manila hostage crisis, which by the way was the worst rescue attempt in history, EVER! even smiling while viewing the crime scene.

– It was ok with you that during Yolanda catastrophe, foreign governments were giving donations directly to NGO’s instead of the administration due to the fact that they weren’t trusted with the funds.

– It was ok with you that 44 of our brave soldiers gave up their lives because the commander in chief decided not to have them rescued.

– It was ok with you that he didn’t care for the 10 million OFW’s, who in reality is probably what was keeping the government afloat.

– It was ok with you that the he couldn’t get the MRT to run in the 6 years he was president. 

– It was ok with you that he bought 12 fighter jets but with no missiles.

– It was ok with you that he gave senators 10’s of millions of pesos each to remove a sitting supreme court justice to be replaced by his college buddy who has had little practice of law.

– It was ok with you that he allowed 6000 troops to decimate Zamboanga which resulted in 10000 civilian homes burned. 

– It was ok with you that he created the DAP which allowed politicians to enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams with our hard earned taxes.

– It was ok with you that everyone feared flying because of bullets, those magical bullets which MAR said was our fault for bringing them in the first place.
So, in essence, you don’t like a strong leader that will stand up for us, but you would rather have a weak, conniving, lazy easy to manipulate president that would not lift a finger to defend you unless you were kin or friend.
And now you want Leni Robredo to take Duterte’s place? She has one job now, she’s not even doing it. Paano nalang kung lahat ng problema ng bansa aasikasuhin nya. Paktay!
Paano nalang ang PILIPINAS nyan?


Finally goodness and prosperity will flow to the Philippines

​Finally. Swerte na ang darating sa Pilipinas. We have been given a strong and able President, Apo Lakay has been buried in LNMB, corrupt and drug addicts are being purged (including politicians and other criminals), Mindanao is attaining peace and progress, mega infrastructure projects boosting the economy is being started all over the Philippines, new telecom and energy providers are going to be setup in the Philippines, and finally, the admiration and respect towards Filipinos is being restored all over the world. Let us continue to radiate thoughts of peace and harmony to the Philippines to keep progressiveness and prosperity to flow to our country.